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Order + Shipping

Can I track my order?

When your order ships, you will receive a shipping notification email with the tracking information. 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We will start shipping internationally in April 2022. Please note that international customers are responsible for any duties/customs fees. Any returned packages due to customs payment refusal will be subject to an additional fee for the shipping costs.


How long does shipping take?

All deliveries in Thailand will take between 2-5 days, unless otherwise specified in the product details.

All international deliveries will be shipped starting in  April 2022. They will be sent out in batches according to the schedule specified in the product details. 


Set Up a Smart Link | Ozone-Free UV-C Personal Air Purifier
How to assemble Smart Link?

  1. For portability, we suggest to attach a power bank to the straps. Connect the USB-C cable to supply power to the unit. 
  2. Assemble the air hose to the unit. Use the air hose link to connect each air hose extension together. 
  3. Connect the air hose to a mask clip or a nose mask. 
  4. For potability, attach shoulder straps onto the unit. Adjust according to your fit. 

How to turn on my Smart Link?

Make sure a power source is connected.Once power is supplied, a red light will turn on. 

Once the red light is shown, press and hold the turn on button for 5 seconds. 

Press the turn on button again to switch from Low Speed to High Speed. 

Press the turn on button again to switch from High Speed to UV-C Sterilization. 

Press the turn on button again to switch from UV-C Sterilization to Low Speed. 


To turn off, press and hold the turn on button for 5 seconds. 


How to replace the filter?

Press and slide the cover to reveal the filter cassette. Replace the filter cassette. Slide the cover back. 

Please make sure if have placed the filter cassette back before sliding the cover bank. 

CAUTION : Using the unit without filter will means you are breathing unfiltered air. 


Is it compatible with other masks?

Yes, our Smart Link is compatible with many face masks on the market. Our mask clip is compatible with most types of mask. You can choose the mask of choice according to the fit, the comfort or the occasion. 

Product Information

Where can I buy spare parts?

Look no further! Please visit our SHOP


Oh noo! Some parts are damaged! How can it be repaired?

Please email us the details of the incident, photos and videos that show what the damages look like. In the meantime, we recommend not to use the products as a safety precaution and to avoid further damage. 


Return & Refund Policy

What is your return policy?

As soon as you receive a dented box or an open package, take pictures and videos to document the condition of the delivery when it arrived. Please let us know within 3 days after you receive your order to process an exchange.

If there’s something wrong with the  you bought after 3 days, you will not be able to issue an exchange, return, or refund for your item.

Every single product that you choose is thoroughly inspected, checked for defects and packaged with utmost care. We do this to ensure that you fall in love with our products. At the same time we ensure that the packing is good such that the items won’t get damaged during transit. Please note that PURI AIR™ | Breathe Easy. is not liable for damages that are caused to the items during transit or transportation.

We follow certain policies to ensure transparency, efficiency and quality customer care:

  • We DO NOT allow returns on sold products – online or in retail outlets.
  • We DO NOT accept returned goods, as we believe that customers should get the best quality products.
  • Refunds are NOT given for any purchases made – be they online or in retail store.
  • We DO NOT encourage exchanges of our products.
  • We DO NOT engage in reselling used products and discourage the same, because we cannot ensure the best quality products for our customers.

For International Orders:

  • We DO NOT support Exchanges or Returns.
  • If you cancel the order before we process it and dispatch for shipping, a refund can be processed. Orders generally take 1-2 days to process before dispatch.
  • Orders already in shipping cannot be returned, canceled or refunded.


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Thank you for your interest. Kindly fill out the form on our partnership page. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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